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    We have mutual objectives...
    to rent your home...

    • At the highest, but most realistic price
    • In the shortest period of time
    • With the most favorable terms

    We will be working together as a team to get your home rented. Cooperation and communication will benefit the successful completion of these objectives.

    Five Reasons a Property Rents

    • Location
    • Price
    • Terms
    • Condition of Property
    • The Agent and Property Manager you Select

    You Control Four of These!

    Our Strategy Includes
    "Personal Service"
    On An "Individual Basis"

    20 Point Service Program

    1. Collect security deposit from tenant and deposit this amount in Superior Property Management, Inc.'s ("SPM, Inc.") escrow account.
    2. Collect the Property Condition Report from the tenant and sort out any questions or problems.
    3. Collect the rent from the tenant every month.
    4. Deposit the rental payment in the owners account; send a check to the mortgage company directly; or mail check directly to owner.
    5. Owners will receive a disbursement record by the 10th day of every month.
    6. SPM, Inc. will photograph the rental property after the owners/tenants have moved out and before the new tenants move in.
    7. Collect proof of renters insurance from the tenant after 30 days of their move in date. In some cases, assist tenant in obtaining renters insurance.
    8. Provide assistance to tenants with all maintenance questions or problems.
    9. Provide assistance to tenants will all homeowners association questions or problems, and provide tenant with a copy of the rules and regulations of the HOA.
    10. Provide assistance to tenants with all EMERGENCIES in reference to their lease.
    11. SPM, Inc. is available to owners and tenants, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day via voice mail and pager.
    12. Relay all communications from owners to tenant and tenant to owners.
    13. Hire all maintenance personnel to repair any and all maintenance problems.
    14. Send out letters and reminders to tenants re: test smoke alarm, drain hose bibs, change furnace filters, etc., tenants will receive follow-up calls and quarterly inspections, if needed.
    15. At the end of tenant's lease, finalize exit walk-through, with final property condition report.
    16. Hire and oversee any and all cleaning or repairs needed before re-renting the property.
    17. Return the security deposit to tenant within 30 days after they have vacated the property and all cleaning and repairs have been completed and/or deducted from the security deposit.
    18. Hire a locksmith, if requested, to rekey the rental property before it is rented again.
    19. Assist real estate agent with the advertising and details of the available rental property and assist in getting it rented with new tenants.
    20. Last, but not least, assist owners with the eviction process. This is clearly stated in the Residential Property Management and Exclusive Rental Agreement ( paras.13-16) signed between SPM, Inc. and the owners. I can assist you with hiring an attorney who specializes in handling the eviction process in Virginia.

    Professional Service Fee

    It is our policy to charge a Professional Service Fee of one month's rent to put your property in the Multiple Listing Service where your property will be advertised on the internet on Realtor.com, Homesdatabase.com, REMAX.com, Washington Post.com and MilitaryByOwner.com.  We will be available at all reasonable hours to show your home to perspective tenants, perform routine inspections for vacant properties and do walkthrough inspections and new tenant orientations when a lease is signed and tenants have been approved.

    We cooperate completely with other real estate companies and agents and offer a percentage of the fee as a renting commission to them.

    A large percent of renters rent
    their homes through professional
    real estate agents!

    Professional Management Fee

    It is the policy of Superior Property Management, Inc. to charge a Professional Management Fee of 8% of one month's rent ($60 minimum), during the term of the Residential Property Management and Exclusive Rental Agreement signed between the parties